Herbal Medicine
There are two kinds of herbal medicine that I use with my clients to support them in their healing process: Chinese Formulas and Nutraceuticals.

- Nutriceuticals are plant based medicines that will release soluble nutrients along with the minerals to be absorbed, transported, and utilized as food by the body. Many of these products are comprised of raw materials (plants that tend to be organically grown) processed by low-heat, high vacuum methods to preserve vital nutrients, which might otherwise be destroyed. James identifies his patient’s needs based on their symptoms and then recommends the appropriate nutraceutical. James carries two well-known brands of Nutriceuticals: Standard Process and Metagenics.

While James carries the complete line, here are some of the most common ones:
- Ultrameal
- Ultrainflumux
- Ultrapotency
- Kaprex
- Fem Essentials
- IsoD3

Standard Process
James can order any Standard Process product you need. Here are some of the most common ones.
- B6-Niacinamide
- Cataplex
- Catalyn
- Zypan

Chinese Herbal Forumlas:
Chinese Medicine from an herbal standpoint is 4000 years old. James prefers to use prepared formulas, capsules, tablets, and tea pills to improve the ease of use for my clients. While raw formulas may be best, James has found that client compliance can be a challenge since these often require considerable preparation time. He adjusts the dosage for people’s unique physical challenge’s weight, and age.

Plant based medicine as the original medicine on the Earth. When the actual plant itself is used instead of a substance that is derived in a more artificial way side effects are reduced thanks to the natural buffers found in the plant.

While you can buy Chinese Herbal formulas at any Health food store, you run the risk of buying a formula that does not match your ailment. Its better to consult an expert rather than self-diagnose because many ailments have similar symptoms. that a layman may confuse. For instance, if you take the common cold, in Chinese medicine there are different kinds of colds that have varying amounts of heat, dampness, and wind associated with them. To see a shift in your symptoms, you will need to get the formula that fits your particular kind of cold.

The same is true for digestive issues. many laymen believe that Curing Pills can help across the board with digestive problems. Unfortunately, this is not true. While curing pills can help with some digestive challenges, many of the root causes of digestive ailments are different and thus there are a variety of herbal formulas that may need to be used.

James can also support you in transitioning from Western Medicines to Herbal Medicines if that is one of your goals. It’s important that you get the agreement of your physician before making this transition.

Common benefits of using herbal medicine includes:
- Increased energy
- Improved digestion
- Relief of muscle cramps
- Lessening of menstrual pain
- Deeper more restful sleep
- And much much more

Call James so that you can get professional help in selecting the right herbal forumla for you!